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The Departure of Garth

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The Departure of Garth Empty The Departure of Garth

Post by TG on Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:53 pm

Hello Prism Community,
Unfortunately, Garth (MonsterHunterTri_Garth), has decided to end his participation in our project and in our community.
It is never a happy occasion when a contributor, member, or guest decides to leave our group. Regardless of each person's personal opinions on Garth, it is a sad occasion to see anybody leave that held interest in our project.
He has stated that he has no intention of returning.
I apologize to my fellow developers and community members for my part in this community-wide drama.
However, endie and I worked diligently to address any issues that arose, and, as in every situation, we attempted to handle Garth's specific issues in the most professional and sympathetic of manners.
In this instance, we met at an impasse, and Garth has decided to leave our community on less-than-good terms.
Nonetheless, we, the Prism Community and Prism Development Team, wish him the best in his personal endeavors.
And, as with any member, we are saddened by his departure.

As a side note: because he has discontinued participation in development, his contributions to this community are not to be further developed unless they are changed to not infringe his IP rights.

The Departure of Garth Clintsigthegood-2
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