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BEFORE POSTING!! Required Reading List

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BEFORE POSTING!! Required Reading List Empty BEFORE POSTING!! Required Reading List

Post by TG on Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:28 am

The following items are required reading for anybody interested in contributing to the project.
They explain the world, the plot, the cities, and current goals.
They are subject to change at any time, and YOU are responsible for keeping up.
This list is merely a convenience so I don't have to keep typing the links to new folks every time.
More things may be added as time goes on.
Remember, the ENTIRE site and wiki should be read, but this is bare bones for lore.

The World and Map (
Races (
The Cities (
The Plot (
Nilneas/Current Goals (
Nilneas NPC Concepts (

Thank you for reading.

BEFORE POSTING!! Required Reading List Clintsigthegood-2
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