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Animator seeking recruitment

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Animator seeking recruitment Empty Animator seeking recruitment

Post by Seantking on Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:30 am

My name is Sean Howard and I am a 3d animator.I have been animating for about 3 years and its really fun for me to see a character come to life.I prefer game animation, seeing how i believe gaming is the blend of all the arts which in my eyes means its the best of all the arts. Smile
Pokemon was a fun past time growing up and i feel as if Pokemon should branch out more and have a lot more connectivity and what is better than a full MMO.I Love to animate but i also enjoy story development so if you need help with that i can also assist there.I am really a visual developer which means i am satisfied as long as work is getting done but i am not a hypercritical i will also work hard on the project to.I Like Pokemon and i like to animate and i have tons of free time so why not help on this project.Once you contact me i cna show you animations..but sadly i havnt uploaded any of my animations to my youtube...which i see now is proving to be quite needed.

Skype)Best Way to contact me



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Animator seeking recruitment Empty Re: Animator seeking recruitment

Post by TG on Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:12 pm

Welcome to Prism.
I'm sure that your animating abilities will be most welcome around here.
Hopefully you can get in touch with indie, our 3D head, and get some opinions from her.
Best of luck, and nice to meet you.

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