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When will the game be done/can I play it yet?

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When will the game be done/can I play it yet? Empty When will the game be done/can I play it yet?

Post by endie on Sat Dec 15, 2012 1:26 am

In response to the overwhelming number of times I get asked this question I'm writing this post. This means, if you ask this question, you will get a link to this. If you have been linked to this, please read and try to understand our stance. I also recommend that you read the FAQ if you haven't already since likely you'll have many of the same questions that are answered there.

When will the game be done?
TL;DR the game will be done when it is done.
This is the number one question that we get on our IRC channel. As you can imagine, it gets rather tiresome answering this question over and over. As is mentioned in the FAQ, we are all part-time volunteers. Being such, our time for work on this project is highly variable and really depends on our real life commitments. This game is an endeavor of love, and will not disappear into an abyss; however, it does not pay the bills, so it has to come second in life. Every member of this team is dedicated to the project and its completion, but that doesn't mean we are spending 40+ hours a week developing it. The unfortunate truth is that we can't do this full time. We need to eat food, and that only happens when there is money.

Can I play it yet?
TL;DR no. alpha testers will be hand chosen, and beta and/or demo will be publicly announced.
Not at the moment. The game is in a crude stage, and we don't have the money to pay for stable hosting for a crude game that people may or may not play. When we believe we have reached a point where we can start seriously testing features, we will be hosting a CLOSED alpha. Asking to be in the alpha does not improve your chances, but being part of the community, being a developer, being a contributor (financial and/or content), and/or being a known and reputable tester will get you an invite. If we decided to release a demo to the public, this will likely be an offline version that will simply give you a taste of Prism. The beta will likely be closed, however, we will be less selective in this round. Pretty much anyone interested in testing the game early will be welcome to give it a try before release. The demo and/or beta will BOTH be announced on every outlet that this game officially exists (main site, wikia, indiedb, and forum).

You guys aren't making it fast enough! or Will it be done in 'X' amount of time?
TL;DR complaining doesn't improve our development speed or motivate us.
If you are a qualified developer, we would welcome the addition to our team and we hope that you can appreciate why we dislike this question. If you are not a developer, we still encourage your participation in the development process! Art is very easy to get involved in as you can create your own assets and send them in. Many people have expressed anger or frustration that a year or two is too long to wait for a game. Well consider that Bethesda took a total of 8 years to produce Skyrim and that was with a full studio (~100 individuals) of full time professionals and a multimillion dollar budget. Please consider that a less than 20 person team may take longer to make a game of the same or greater magnitude. The best way you can help us cut our development time is by contributing in some way. If you feel you have no technical skills, helping us create lore is of great help! Poke around the forum and see where we are lacking; there's always something.

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When will the game be done/can I play it yet? Insetorc8
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